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Highlights Of Africa

By Daniel Hardie

Many travellers across the globe choose Africa as their adventure travel destination and rightly so for many different reasons. Most people either travel for the wildlife on safari tours or trekking Kilimanjaro or the Congo or for the sheer history that Africa has to offer. Africa is huge and the decision of what to do and where can be a big decision so take a look at the highlights of Africa which may help you decide on your next African Safari.

South Africa

South Africa is probably the most popular countries in Africa and with major cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg there are many different activities to do. In Cape Town for instance you could take a trip out to Robben Island, the former prison of Nelson Mandela or take a bike ride through 'Apple County' and through the wineries. As for wildlife tours, Cape Town offers shark cage diving allowing you to get up close and personal to great white sharks. South Africa also has the most popular game reserve in throughout Africa, this game reserve is Kruger National Park. Fly in to Johannesburg and get a transit to one of the beautiful and affordable travel lodges here and you are guaranteed to see the big five animals.

These 'big five' animals include lions, elephants, Cape buffalo, leopard's and rhino's. But Kruger National Park is not the only place to view these magnificent creatures.


The Okavango Delta is the largest delta in the world and provides a food and water source for an unbelievable amount of wildlife. Not only will you get to see the 'big five' but you will also view other famous African animals like hippopotamus, wildebeest, zebra's, crocodiles, hyena's, cheetah's and around 400 different bird species. You can either take an on land safari or view the picturesque delta from the air which shows you the sheer magnitude of the wildlife within the reserve.


Probably the most exciting and naturally beautiful area for an African safari is the Serengeti. It is an endless plain that extends from Tanzania all the way down to Kenya. No doubt you have heard of the annual migration that takes place each year and is considered as one of the ten natural wonders of the world. This annual event takes place around October each year when around two million herbivores make the journey to the southern plains. The word Serengeti is a word derived from the famous Masai Tribe translating to endless plain.


The Serengeti extends down to the south-west region of Africa and transforms into the Masai Mara game reserve. This is the park that homes the Masai Mara, a tribe of semi-nomadic people who live of the land and their live stock. Here you will get to experience the safari wildlife as well as meet this interesting tribe. You can view one of their famous jumping dances and warrior like traditions on this safari which I believe gives this type of safari an edge over the rest.

While the above-mentioned countries and safari's are the most popular highlights of Africa there are of course many other treks, safaris and trips you can take. Some of the other highlights include gorilla treks in the Congo, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and taking on the adventurous Victoria Falls.